A new era for the Bordeaux Rive Droite, Chateau La Croix Younan wine of Saint-Emilion

Chateau la Croix Younan is one of the few large vineyards located in the famous Saint-Émilion, Bordeaux region consisting of 22 acres (9 hectares). The wines of this vineyard date back to the 1950s and have been known for producing some of the richest, most lush and premium wines on the Right Bank.

Formerly known as Chateau la Croix Fourney, La Croix Younan was acquired by La Grande Maison Younan Collection in 2015. The name change represents the care and passion that is implemented by Zaya S. Younan to make exceptional wine sacrificing quantity for the highest quality handcrafted wines, represented today by the only one label produced in perfect Bordeaux style, La Croix Younan (64% Merlot, 28% Cabernet Sauvignon and 8% Cabernet Franc).

It has always been a dream of Zaya S. Younan, Chairman & CEO of Younan Company and La Grande Maison Younan Collection, to own and operate a vineyard in the Saint-Émilion region. Since the acquisition, the main priorities were the restructuring of the vineyard and the improvement of the winemaking process.

The technical team of Chateau la Croix Younan is led by Dr. Alain Raynaud, former President of the Union des Grands Crus and one of the founders and current President of the prestigious wine association, The Grand Cercle des Vins de Bordeaux and Ludovic Perez.

In 2020 London Tasting held by The Grand Cercle des Vins de Bordeaux, with only four wineries selected from a pool of over 140 applicants, Chateau la Croix Younan’s three vintages were blind tested and the result was an overwhelming 12 out of 14 board members approving the inclusion of Chateau la Croix Younan into the prestigious Bordeaux Wine Association.

First time an American-owned vineyard from Saint-Émilion has been included in the Rive Droite, elite selection of 113 wines representing wine making excellence in Bordeaux’s Right Bank.